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WCS e-Learning training delivers world-class well control training 24x7. Available in English or Spanish.

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“System 21 e-Learning courses have trained thousands of adult learners worldwide throughout the years. These on-demand e-Learning courses will allow you to train 24/7 with the latest industry recognized methodology and theories for well control.”
- Barry Cooper, business development manager at WCS

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e-learning Courses

Train Anytime, Anywhere.


System 21 e-Learning offers courses for IADC WellCAP® and WellSharp™ accreditation. IADC WellSharp™ courses are available for drilling operations.


IWCF System 21 e-Learning Drilling Level 2 course for surface or combined surface/subsea stack is offered in imperial or metric units.


Well Control School certified Drilling and Workover-Completion courses are offered at the following levels.

System 21 e-elearning Program

System 21 e-Learning Training Certifications

Committed to Quality

Keeping track of the most recent well control theories, best practices and methods can be a challenge. And taking time away from field operations can be difficult. Well Control School’s System 21 e-Learning makes maintaining your certification easy. System 21 e-Learning provides web-based and computer-based well control training for IADC, IWCF and WCS accredited courses. System 21 brings well control training to life with high-tech multimedia instruction and real-world simulation scenarios at the convenience of your home or job.

Program Features

  • 24x7 online access
  • Self-paced instruction
  • Reduced travel expenses and time off work
  • Instant access to certification records

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