FAQ & Help

Instructor-Led Training

  • Why should I take my Well Control training from a WCS Instructor-Led class?


    The answer is in our name. The Well Control School teaches one thing– Well Control, and we take it very seriously. Our instructors have had hands-on experience with the disciplines they are instructing. In addition to undergoing extensive training to deliver an effective learning event, our instructors are industry recognized with students obtaining some of the highest scores and passing rate percentages.

  • Where can I take a WCS Instructor-led class?


    Well Control School has multiple locations that are easily accessible to you. Our state-of-the-art training campuses are located in Houston, TX; Lafayette, LA; Laurel, MS, and travel location is Odessa, TX and Dallas, TX. For a current list please click here.

  • What certifications can I get?


    The Well Control School offers classes that are certified by the IADC, IWCF and WCS. Check with your company to see what certification is best for you.

  • What if I can’t take the time to go to training?


    Consider an online course through our System 21 e-Learning option. Many of our e-Learning classes are either IADC, IWCF and/or WCS certified.

  • What qualifications do WCS Instructors have to teach Well Control?


    All WCS instructors must meet the qualifications stipulated by either IADC or IWCF and WCS. In addition, our Instructors have field experience, as well as a thorough understanding of pressure basics, well control procedures and real-life case studies.

  • Will this be another boring class full of “war stories”?


    WCS instructors utilize the principles of adult learning with a mix of lecture, group discussions, individual discovery and simulation exercises.

  • What if I fail the test?


    At WCS, our focus is on reducing well control incidents world-wide and not simply passing a test. Perhaps because of this, our passing rates on the IADC, IWCF and WCS certification tests are considered one of the best in the industry. If by chance you are one of the few who fail your first test attempt, we offer such things as same-day or next-day retesting when proctors are available and an opportunity to retake the class for free prior to taking your retest plus a free Rig Math e-Learning class.

  • Can WCS come to my company to present the class?


    The Well Control School is accredited by the IADC to teach traveling classes at customers’ locations. Our In-House Training services are a great option for companies wanting to train groups or crews at the same time to allow discussion of company-integrations of well control processes. It is also an efficient method of training large numbers of employees while keeping within tight budget constraints.

  • Can international students attend WCS classes?


    Yes, in most cases. There are a few countries from which students are required to be cleared by the U.S. Homeland Security prior to scheduling an Instructor-led class in the United States. If you are unsure, please contact our enrollment team for more information.

Web-Based Training

  • Why should I consider System 21 e-Learning?


    System 21 e-Learning is an effective method for training whereby it provides a self-paced delivery method along with exceptional cost savings. The student is actively engaged throughout the entire learning event and for companies with employees worldwide, each employee receives the same transfer of knowledge. Furthermore, students are continuously tested throughout the learning process which reinforces the gained knowledge.

  • What are the hardware and software requirements for System 21 web-based e-Learning?


    Our courses run on window’s based computers only, MAC is not supported. A high speed internet connection is also required for the web-based courses. Before launching the course, it is suggested that you check your bandwidth using a free test site, this is a simple process. This test will ensure you have the proper bandwidth to start the course.

  • When and where can students purchase a System 21 e-Learning course?


    A student can purchase a course online 24/7/365. View Courses

  • How does a student logon to a System 21 e-Learning course?


    When a student registers, the student is provided with a unique user name and password. Should the student misplace this information, tech support is available 24/7/365 to assist.

  • Do System 21 e-Learning courses have customer support?


    Customer support is available 24/7/365 at System 21 e-Learning Tech Support +1-877-575-8311 or techsupport@wellcontrol.com.

  • How difficult is System 21 e-Learning course for computer challenged students?


    The System 21 e-Learning courses have been developed with the computer challenged student in mind. The student will find it simple to maneuver through the e-Learning courses with very straight forward instructions. However, if the student should have difficulty navigating through a course, they can contact our System 21 e-Learning Tech Support, available 24/7/365, at +1-877- 575-8311.

  • How many chances does a student have to complete and pass a System 21 e-Learning course?


    The student is allowed 2 opportunities to complete and pass the course. If the student fails the second time, they are required to repurchase and retake the course.

  • How long does a student have to complete a System 21 e-Learning course?


    The student is allowed 45 days to complete the course once the launch button has been clicked for the purchased course.

  • Is a student limited to the number of times starting and stopping a System 21 e-Learning course?


    The student can start and stop their training as often as they like within the 45-day access window to the course.

Rental Computer-Based Training

  • Do I require an internet connection to use the rental computer for training on System 21 and where can I complete my training


    An internet connection is not required since the program is installed on the computer and allows the computer to be used anywhere within the U.S.

  • Is System 21 still IADC accredited?


    System 21 is still IADC accredited for Workover-Completions, Coiled Tubing, Snubbing, Wireline Operations with Surface Stack.

  • Do you still offer Drilling courses in System 21 and what certification do I receive?


    We offer Drilling or Drilling, Workover-Completion/Surface, combined Surface/ Subsea. Upon successful completion, you will receive The Well Control School certificate.

  • What languages are offered in the rental computer thru System 21?


    System 21 on the rental computer is offered in both English and Spanish.

  • Who do I contact to rent a System 21 computer?


    Email rentals@wellcontrol.com or call +1-713-849-7400 M-F 8:00am to 5:00 pm. If your call is after business hours, leave a message and you will be contacted the following business day.

  • Do you have technical support for System 21 and what are their hours?


    Our technical support phone number is +1-887-575-8311. They are available to answer your questions 24/7/365.

  • How fast can I expect to receive my rental computer to complete my System 21 training?


    You can receive the rental computer as soon as the next business day or any day you request (except on Sundays).

  • How do I receive the rental computer and how do I return the rental computer back to WCS after completing my training?


    The rental computer is shipped in a yellow Pelican case using FedEx Express. A prefilled FedEx return label is enclosed which allows the computer to easily be shipped back to WCS.

  • Will I be notified when the rental computer is shipped to me or when you have received it back?


    An email notification with the FedEx tracking number is provided when the computer is shipped. When shipping the computer back to WCS, keep the top copy of the prefilled return FedEx label for your records and use the tracking number listed to track the shipment at all times.

  • What comes with the rental computer and what do I get to keep?


    The rental computer will arrive in a Pelican case along with a power supply, mouse, headphones, a Quick Start Guide, and a shrink-wrapped student packet. The student keeps all the contents of the student packet (Welcome Letter, Rig Floor Calculator, WCS Tally Book, Formulas, Charts and Tables Handbook, Guide to Blowout Prevention CD, 1st Edition, System 21 e-Learning Mouse Pad, WCS Quality Statement and Comment Policy/Student Comment Process, BOP Formula Sheet, Notepad, Bullhead Worksheet and Wait-And-Weight Method Worksheet). The remaining items need to be returned to WCS.