Well Control School
Well Control School


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Guide to Blowout
Prevention -1st Edition

The Guide To Blowout Prevention is regarded as one of the best technical manuals in the business. It is utilized by many universities and other in-house programs across the country.
(English CD only)
Well Control Formulas,
Charts & Tables

Excellent reference for use on the rig providing quick access to important formulas and information on open hole capacity, casing, mud, tubing, drill collars, wireline and more.
Rig Floor Calculator
This slide chart calculator provides easy access to basic rig floor calculations commonly used in the oil & gas industry. (Available in Spanish only)
Concepts of Basic Mathematics & Applied Petroleum Mathematics
This book will familiarize Floorhand's and Derrick hand's with basic mathematics and rig math related to well control. (Available in Spanish & English.)


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